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Tuesday 7thJune 2022

Present :   Ann Gallagher  , Valerie Nimmo , Catherine Dobbie , John Armour

Apologies :  from  Archie Millar , Alasdair Cousin  , Catherine Ann  McAulay

Conveners report

 Campbeltown Community Windfarm Trust (CCWT)was accepted by OSCR as a charitable organization, although name was later changed to Campbeltown Community Windfarm Fund. (CCWF) This fund was pleased to receive a share of the Community Benefit Fund distributed by Scottish Power Renewables (SPR) following the commissioning of Beinn an Tuirc 3 Windfarm. Grants for capital or revenue funding are now available to charities, community groups and halls within the Campbeltown, Laggan & Southend Community Council areas.

A further pay-out from SPR has been agreed and should be released to our account by the end of the month.

Two Trustees, Willie Crossan and Jason Woods, have submitted their resignation for personal reasons. However, I’m happy to welcome Archie Millar to join us as a Trustee.

Treasurers Report

Paid out £120 for advert

Hall paid £42

Total in Account as of 6thJune  £74,763


Willie Crossan , Jason Woods ,  Ann Gallacher (re-elected)

Appointments of Office Bearers

 Chair person – Valerie Nimmo

Secretary-  Lesley Black ( temporary)

Proposal  Suggested to hire an admin to make up the meetings and carry out the emails etc .  proposed by Catherine Dobbie seconded by John Armour

Check CCC constitution to see if  2 posts can be combined .

Ann Gallagher – Treasurer