empty meeting room


MINUTES OF MEETING on TUESDAY 11th October 2022 (to be approved)

in Campbeltown Town Hall


V Nimmo, Chairperson, welcomed everyone to the meeting.


V Nimmo                    CCC

C Dobbie                     CCC

K Gillies                     CCC

A Gallacher                 CCC

A Baker                       CCC

J Martin                       CCC

Cllr J Armour              Argyll & Bute Council

S Byrne                       Dalintober and Millknowe Tenants and Residents’ Association


Members of the public

E Glendinning


J Biggins, D Allen, V MacBrayne


None declared


Minutes of the meeting on 13th September were approved: Proposed by KG, seconded by VN.

  • Emergency Plan – KG to circulate template to members of CCC.
  • Jubilee Afternoon Tea – JM to hand over cheque to AG.
  • CCWFT – Second round of funding now open until 21st October. Some applications already submitted. Trustees to meet on 1st November.
  • Seawalls – no update.
  • Sculpture on Quarry Green – now completed and fencing removed.
  • Town Centre traffic management – still no response. See AOCB.
  • Reporting to MAKI Area Committee meeting or Community Planning Meeting – VN explained CCC not invited to Area Committee so will continue to attend/report to Community Planning Meetings.
  • Secretary for CCC– VN contacted Argyll College re this and had a positive response but on  holiday for 2 weeks. CCC receive payment from Argyll and Bute Council annually for admin and agreed an annual honorarium of £1,000 for secretary. Job description devised by CD and VN.
  • Action Plan – CD wrote to F Murray and J Smith, Heads of Service for Argyll and Bute Council, reply from F Murray but not from J Smith. Been informed that someone from R Gold’s team will be in touch but very disappointed in lack of support from the Council. VN proposed a single point of contact from Argyll and Bute Council is necessary.

Cllr Armour gave following report.

  • Flood prevention scheme Consultation open for members of the public to give their views on the future use of Burnside Square until 17th October and members were urged to respond. Some funding is being made available. JM suggested a roof be installed.
  • Local Argyll and Bute Council’s Registrars have volunteered to take part in a six month pilot in Kintyre to provide funeral services due to the shortage of ministers in the area.
  • Kintyre Care Home has been taken over by Argyll and Bute Council and NHS Highland. This is welcomed as it will ensure the only nursing and dementia care provision between Campbeltown and Oban remains open.
  • Hall St resurfacing – Transport Scotland have agreed that the work carried out earlier this year by BEAR Scotland is unsatisfactory and will be remedied.
  • Old Post Office – water was cascading off roof last week due to broken guttering. Argyll and Bute Council’s Building Standards Dept have deemed this a risk to public safety, will carry out repairs and try to get payment from owner. Again the idea of a compulsory purchase order was raised but this requires co-operation from the owner.
  • Remembrance Sunday, Sunday 13th November. No parade will be held but a service will be held at 10am at the war memorial to which all are invited. AG will organise a wreath from CCC.

Members raised the following:

Ferry 2023 – no details yet of timetable

Flooding in town centre due to drains not being cleared – Cllr Armour will pursue this.

Replacement bins needed for Kinloch Green/ Dalintober – Cllr Armour will pursue this.

Council Budget 2023 – looking at a possible £7.2 million deficit, hard decisions to be made re this.


£6,318.24 in main account

£510.00  in Quesada account.

£300 remaining in the Town Centre Maintenance fund.

£102,858.19 in CCWF account.


Email received from M Shaw to say there would be no report.

Noted that the Friendship Bench has been installed at the gate of Lorne and Lowland Church. VN to contact T Chambers of The Link Club to publicise this.


This was circulated by email

SSE Argyll and Kintyre Project- Initial Needs Consulation/ Ofgem – agreed that the response received from R Lee, East Kintyre CC, should be sent to OFGEM. This concerns increasing the ability to feed electricity from Kintyre’s windfarms to the national grid.

  • Path from Trench Point to sewage works. Application to Paths for All been rejected because it doesn’t meet their criteria of active transport. Other funding streams are being pursued by VN. Other possibilities of cycle/footpaths were discussed- Stewarton to Machrihanish, Campbeltown to Rhoin Farm. This would require input from other agencies such as SUSTRANS.


S Byrne gave a very interesting presentation on behalf of Dalintober and Millknowe Tenants and Residents Association. Steve has represented this group at a national level and has been instrumental in developing policies. He circulated a Regional Network Newsletter and highlighted the current consultations underway by the Scottish Government. VN thanked Steve for his informative talk.

  1. AOCB

Town Centre Traffic Management – VN noted concern from local resident re car/van/commercial vehicles parking on Burnbank St, making pedestrian footpaths inaccessible, causing them to walk on the road. There was unanimous agreement that this situation as has parking in other areas has worsened since the introduction of the new traffic management system.  When J Smith, Head of Roads and Amenity Services visited, he said if system isn’t working, take photos and send them. We need to pursue this centrally.

Lack of dental health care – AB raised issue – there is now only one part time dentist delivering services in Campbeltown for NHS registered patients. Patients advised they can get appointments in sister practice in Lochgilphead. Unsatisafctory but problem is shortage of dentists.

Home Energy Costs – it was agreed to invite Jackie Westerman, Argyll & Bute Council’s Project Officer for Home Energy Efficiency to give a presentation to the CC.

This was the last meeting of the current CCC and Chairperson Valerie Nimmo thanked all those present for their efforts and support over the past 4 years, as did Cllr Armour.

The inaugural meeting of the new CCC will be held on Tuesday, 25th October at 18:45 in the Town Hall, Campbeltown

Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 8th November at 7.30pm in the Town Hall.