Minutes of Meeting

Tuesday 1st November 2022

Present :  John Armour, Alasdair Cousin, Catherine Dobbie, Ann Gallacher, Catherine Anne MacAulay,  Archie Millar, Valerie Nimmo and Anne Scott

Apologies :   Lesley Black

Chair welcomed all to the meeting and introduced Anne Scott who has taken on the role of Secretary.

Minutes – The minutes of the previous meeting were found correct and proposed by Ann and seconded by Catherine.

Treasurer’s report

Ann advised that the balance in the bank account is £102,858.19;

The 2nd grant received was £74,691.67 and Ann advised that there will be one grant per year from now on, probably payable May/June.   The level of grant is expected to be maintained.  It was reiterated that the Committee would continue to make two disbursements.


We agreed the following:

  1. Campbeltown Picture House – pay in full £4,250(request an update on planning permission requirements on Acceptance form);
  2. Kintyre Group Women’s Institute – pay £2,000 of £2,536 (suggest applying to West/East Wind Farm funds on Acceptance form);
  3. Campbeltown Running Club – pay in full £2,000;
  4. MACC – pay £1,000 of £2,100;
  5. Kintyre Recycling Limited – agreed to support but cost of project needs clarification – need a breakdown of costs – (suggest applying to West/East Wind Farm funds);
  6. Dalintober Primary School PTA (Learning Support) – £1,500 of £1,747 agreed;
  7. Dalintober Primary School PTA (Swimming) – £2,000 of £2,238 agreed;
  8. Campbeltown Former Pupils AFC – pay in full £5,000;
  9. Glenramskill Residents Association – does not meet the criteria and application is unlikely to pass the charity test. To let them know of decision and quote Policy 2.2 of Grant making policy;
  10. Kintyre Seasports – £3,000 of £5,000 (suggest applying to West/East Wind Farm funds);
  11. Dunaverty Golf Club Junior Section – pay in full £800;
  12. Campbeltown Community Council – pay in full £5,000;
  13. Kintyre Songwriters Festival – pay in full £500;
  14. Kintyre Food Bank – pay in full £5,000;
  15. Senior Citizens Monday Club – pay £2,000 of £3,000;
  16. Friends of Castlehill pay in full £3,104;
  17. Mull of Kintyre Music + Arts Association – request a breakdown of the costs and also suggest applying to West/East Wind Farm funds;
  18. Kintyre Fish Prot & Angling Club – pay £2,000 of £3,000;
  19. Mairi Semple – pay £5,000 of £8,500  – advise with Acceptance letter that grants are capped at £5,000 and request a breakdown of costs later on the End of Project Monitoring Report;

Total amount of payments agreed – £44,154

Additional Trustee – Valerie will ask at the next Community Council if anyone is willing to become a Trustee of the Windfarm fund;


Valerie will add a section in the application form to include a breakdown of costs and email the amended application to Trustees for approval;

End of Project Monitoring report – double check at the next meeting that forms are being returned;

Ann mentioned the payment that SSE make to the Community Council each year of approximately £3,000 and asked if it would be in order to report to SSE where a payment of £3,000 had been given to an organisation by the Windfarm Fund.   Ann is to ask SSE to redirect future payments to the Windfarm Fund bank account;

Ann will pass the Pupils’ cheque to John and Archie who will arrange to present it to Alex McKinven at Kintyre Park;

The Fund will meet remotely once an update is available from Kintyre Recycling and Mull of Kintyre Music & Arts Association;

The advert should be placed in Campbeltown Courier 28th April 2023;

Applications should be in by 19th May 2023.

Date of next meeting:  Tuesday 6th June 2023

Meeting closed