Campbeltown Community Council Meeting – 11th February 2020

7:30pm at Campbeltown Town Hall

Welcome – A Baker (Chairperson) welcomed everyone to the March meeting of Campbeltown Community council.

In Attendance:

A.MacPhail – CCC

 – CCC

A. Gallacher – CCC

A. Martin – CCC

J. Martin – CCC

V. Nimmo – CCC

C. Dobbie – CCC

C.A. MacAulay – CCC

Cllr D. Kelly

Sgt A. MacLaren – Police Scotland

PC K McCullion – Police Scotland


S. Byrne (CCC)

L. Black (CCC)

J. Woods (CCC)

H. O’ Hanlon (Campbeltown Courier)

Declaration Of Interest:


Minutes of Last Meeting(s) Proposed By: V. Nimmo Seconded By: J. Martin

Matters Arising:

  • Use of town hall AG will attend to the next 3 months.
  • MAKI Meeting CA & VN attended a meeting via tele-conferencing in the Burnett Building, 
Issues with connections and dropping sound which by the time things were sorted matters had reached point 7. The meeting was very long winded and they had to leave because the Burnet Building closes for lunch at 12.30Hrs.

Police Scotland Report:

  • The community council asked Sgt MacLaren about the closure of the Bar at the Police station. It means that another police officer is able to work in the community. Despite the office being closed after 1800Hrs the office is manned 24 Hrs a day and can be reached on 101 /999 (In an emergency)
  • The cells are still in use for “short” stays (24Hrs or less) otherwise an agency will transport prisoners to the nearest facility.

Total Number of Incidents 56

  • 4 Disturbance
  • 5 Noise
  • 9 Assist Members of Public
  • 5 Concerns for Persons
  • 7 Road Traffic

Crime Reports:

  • 2 Assaults
  • 6 Breach of the Peace
  • 3 Road Traffic
  • 3 Vandalism

There is a current social media effort on recruiting Special Constables.

Argyll & Bute Council Report:

  • Budget proposed sum based on the Scottish Government has been proposed and is feasible. More money in terms but there are caveats on certain monies such as education and early learning.
  • Council tax can go up 3%
  • The normal cuts and proposals will be floated.
  • Cllr Kelly will bring up the crossing points at next month’s Cllrs meeting and with Transport Scotland.
  • Roads around Kintyre and Campbeltown will be assessed and repairs (subject to approval) wIll be carried out after the budget is announced.
  • The CC could write to the Roads Department suggesting areas where road works are required including white lining.
  • There will be a report at the next council meeting regarding the state of Dalintober Primary School surveys are required and it needs to be in the public eye. Despite the conditions the school obtained a very good report from the school inspection held last year.
  • CGS school inspection was very poor and a follow up inspection was much the same Cllr Kelly will be having a face to face meeting with the Councils Head of Education regarding this matter.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Main Account £12,735.95 (£4,500 held aside for Campbeltown Cross project)
  • £510 Memorial Account
  • Still waiting to hear back from SSE and AG will follow up enquiries.


  • Emailed to members.
  • The C Craig email will be distributed.
  • HSCP questionnaire passed around members.
  • levels office in Argyll and Bute and West Dumbartonshire with 24hr cells.
  • Oban is initially the intended destination for prisoners however it all depends on staffing.
  • The Council will not be able to deliver the correct level of services because the budget available is effectively cut due to the monies which are ring fenced within the proposed allocated sum. So the available budget is being cut again.

Report back from other groups:

  • Campbeltown Cross Project – will hear by the end of February from Historic Environment Scotland not by the end of January as previously stated.


  • There is one load of unfinished turbine towers left at CS wind. Nothing more is known at this time.
  • Helicopter Pad – NHS Highland want their preferred contractor to carry out the project of building the Heli pad, the quote for this was higher than a local firm quoted. It is felt that if the community want this helicopter pad then NHS Highland must take a back seat to ensure its completion.
  • The Senior Citizens concert was well received by the public.
  • VE Day info will be emailed out.
  • Local Development Plan – SKDT offered to make the Local Development Plan, however not much headway has been made, as this plan is vital to helping with the funding from Wind Farms it was discussed that the CC should make a questionnaire and do the work ourselves. CAM, VN & CD will look into this.
  • It was discussed wither CCC should take part in shared ownership of windfarms or continue with Community Benefit Funds ( i.e. Tangy 2) there is a meeting on the 18th of March with Scottish Power. With Community ownership matters rising would be 1) how much it will be to invest and 2) what the return will be for the community. More information needs to be sought before anything is done.
  • The AGM will be held on Tuesday 14th April 2020 – AM & AB to attend to.

Public Questions:

  • No Public in attendance

Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 10th March 2020 in the Town Hall at 7.30P