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Minutes of Meeting

Monday 13th November 2023

Present :  John Armour, Alan Baker, Alasdair Cousin, Catherine Dobbie, Ann Gallacher, Catherine Anne MacAulay,  Archie Millar, Valerie Nimmo (Chair) and Anne Scott

,Apologies :   Lesley Black

Chair welcomed all to our meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

 Ann reported that £3,127.31 had been received from SSE and £82,387.57 from SPR being the annual sum due.   The present account balance is £97,862.16.

Distribution of Funds

 The following applications were discussed and awards made as follows:

  1. Drumlemble Primary Parent Council £500.00
  2. Live Argyll Community Learning Team Youth Work £2,000.00
  3. Campbeltown Old Pals £2,000.00
  4. Kintyre Seasports £3,000.00
  5. Campbeltown & District Juvenile Football Assoc £1,800.00
  6. Dunaverty Golf Club Junior Section £800.00
  7. Campbeltown Community Council (Town Centre) £1,700.00
  8. Kintyre Recycling Limited (for South Kintyre area) £1,500.00
  9. Campbeltown Running Club £1,000.00
  10. Kintyre Link Club £1,000.00
  11. Scottish Community Drama Assoc (Kintyre) £1,500.00
  12. Laggan Opportunity & Amenity Fund £5,000.00

(above award pending other funding)

  1. Kintyre Songwriters Festival £500.00
  2. Kintyre Amenity Trust (Heritage Centre) £950.00
  3. Kintyre Fish Protection & Angling Club £1,500.00
  4. Preloved to Reloved £5,000.00
  5. Live Argyll Active Schools £1,971.04
  6. CGS Parent Council £3,000.00
  7. Dalintober PTA £2,000.00

The following applications were received:

Argyll & Bute Council Citizens Advice Bureau – the application was declined this time.   Another application will be considered in the future with more information and a fuller breakdown of the expenditure.

South Kintyre Development Trust – Anne to write to request more information before end January 2024.   The Trustees will meet again to discuss this application.

Meeting closed.