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Minutes of Meeting

Tuesday 19th September 2023

Present :  John Armour, Alan Baker, Lesley Black, Alasdair Cousin, Ann Gallacher, Catherine Anne MacAulay,  Archie Millar, Valerie Nimmo and Anne Scott

Apologies :   Catherine Dobbie (declared an interest in Keeping it Local)

Chair welcomed all to the Zoom meeting.

Distribution of Funds – review of Keeping it Local Preloved supporting evidence

Jason has provided a cashflow statement for February to August 2023 showing the income for Preloved to Reloved along with the other Keeping it Local businesses.

Discussion followed where concerns were raised about the lack of evidence that Preloved to Reloved is a standalone company.   It was noted that in June 2022, Keeping it Local and Preloved to Reloved both received a grant of £5,000 to assist with start up costs.

Ann suggested that the application should be declined but Jason should be encouraged to reapply when he is able to provide evidence of separate Profit/Loss and Income and Expenditure statements for Preloved to Reloved.   Everyone agreed this was the best course of action.   Valerie to assist Anne in the wording of a suitable letter to Jason.

Next meeting

The advert for the next funding applications will be placed in Campbeltown Courier on 6th October with a closing date of 27th October.   We will meet on Monday 13th November to discuss the applications.

Meeting closed