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Minutes of Meeting – CCWF Trustees Meeting

Date   26th April 2022    Time  19:30    Location   by Zoom


Valerie Nimmo – Chair, Catherine Dobbie, Catherine Anne McAulay, Ann Gallacher

Alasdair Cousin, John Armour


Minutes from Last Meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Change of Name

It was unanimously agreed to change the name of the organization from Campbeltown Community Windfarm Trust to Campbeltown Community Windfarm Fund. VN to complete the necessary paperwork for OSCR.

Treasurer’s Report

£74,925.00 received from Lussa Wind, now in account.

A further approximately £3000.00 from SSE wrt Tangy windfarm expected soon.

Lussa Community Wind Ltd. report

As a Community Benefit Society, regulated by FCA, requires accounts to be audited by accountant.  AGM will be held in near future.  Jerry Barnes to appoint accountant and set up liability insurance.

Next payment from SPR probably in May. Lussa wind to retain £5000 to cover accountant, insurance etc expenses. Any excess left over in March 2023 will be split between the 3 CCs.

SPR require report on what money has been used for.  Lussa will collate this evidence but need each CC to provide them with such evidence. SPR Annual Reporting Template and SPR Due Diligence Statement has been circulated.

CCWF can invest up to 10%, must spend at least 60% in a year.

Website is https://kintyrewind.comAdverts and documents can be placed here as well as on CC website and FB page.

Distribution of Funds

Agreed to distribute funds twice yearly and limit any disbursement to £5000 initially.

4.2 of our constitution states “The SCIO shall promote (but not promote exclusively) its activities and operations to people within the area of Campbeltown Community Windfarm Fund. These people will be the SCIO’s beneficiaries.”

Grant making policy states,

4.3       “The Charity Trustees will award grants to fund up to 100% of the cost of a       proposal, which is solely within and focused on the public benefit of         Campbeltown.  However the Charity Trustees will:

  • consider funding part of the cost of such proposal where the total cost is shared with one or more other funders; and

            (b)       encourage applicants to seek matched oradditional sources of                                           funding for their proposal”

4.5       For proposals that encompass a wider public benefit than just Campbeltown,       the Charity Trustees will only award grants where the cost is split amongst other funders. It is at the Charity Trustees sole decision and discretion what         proportion the Charity will fund – applicants are advised to contact the Charity             before making an application. Failure to provide proof that the agreed funding     has been secured from other funders will automatically cause the application to fail.

Agreed that grants would be available to groups within Campbeltown, Laggan and Southend Community Council areas.

CD to check application form and add project completion and review form.

VN to obtain generic email address.

AG to arrange advert in Courier. Closing date 27thMay 2022.  VN add to CC website and FB.

Disbursement meeting 7thJune 2022.


AGM must be held within 15 months of date of registration with OSVR. Agreed AGM on 7thJune prior to disbursement meeting.

  1. Crossan, J Woods have indicated their intention to resign.

D Paterson has indicated his willingness to join as a new trustee at the AGM. A Miller to be invited.



Date of next meeting

7thJune 2022 – venue to be decided