empty meeting room



in Campbeltown Town Hall


V Nimmo, Chairperson, welcomed everyone to the meeting.


V Nimmo                    CCC

A Martin                     CCC

C Dobbie                     CCC

A Baker                       CCC

J Biggins                      CCC

Cllr J Armour              A&B Council


CA MacAulauy, K Gillies, A Gallacher, Cllr T MacPherson


None declared


Minutes of the last AGM held on 11thMay, 2021 using zoom were approved: Proposed by AB, seconded by VN.


Our meetings over the year were initially by Zoom and laterally in-person.  At the AGM in 2021 Alan Baker stepped down as Convener and was succeeded by Valerie Nimmo.

Throughout the year we strived to do our best for Campbeltown achieving some successes and some disappointments,


Robert Black Memorial Helipad The CC supported this development. Alan Baker and Catherine Dobbie attended the opening ceremony in June.


Campbeltown Cross The renovation of the Cross was completed.  Thanks due to Catherine Dobbie.


Town Centre Maintenance Officers The CC provided gardening equipment to improve the garden at the bus terminal and paint to enable them to continue with their task of upgrading and restoring the many benches in the town.


Campbeltown Community Windfarm Trust (CCWT)was accepted by OSCR as a charitable organization, although name was later changed to Campbeltown Community Windfarm Fund. (CCWF) This fund was pleased to receive a share of the Community Benefit Fund distributed by Scottish Power Renewables (SPR) following the commissioning of Beinn an Tuirc 3 Windfarm.  Grants for capital or revenue funding are now available to charities, community groups and halls within the Campbeltown, Laggan & Southend Community Council areas.


Community Action Plan  TheCC worked with South Kintyre Development Trust, Inspiralba, and Architect & Design Scotland and completed the Community Action Plan. Paper copies of this are available in the Town Hall, the Library, the Picture House and Keeping it Local.  It is also available on the CC website.


Airport Refurbishment The runway refurbishment proceeded well and the airport reopened on time on 11thNovember 2021.  Alan Baker kept us informed of the developments.


Jock’s Boat Playpark  A new swing, which can accommodate wheelchair users, was installed at Jock’s Adventure Playground. This followed a campaign by local Mum, Iona MacLean, supported by Campbeltown CC and South Kintyre Councillor Donald Kelly.


Surf AwardJames Lafferty and his team are to be congratulated on their hard work, which led to Campbeltown being named Most Improved town in Scotland.


Machrihanish Dunes Expansion Representatives of the Community Council attended a meeting at the Ugadale Hotel.  They were generally impressed with the proposals by the Southworth Development. If all goes well, it should increase tourism to the area and provide more employment opportunities locally.


Education  The CC was very concerned about the poor results and the discontent of parents and staff at Campbeltown Grammar School.  Meetings were held with Douglas Hendry, Argyll & Bute.  After much representation to A&B council, a new headteacher was appointed on a temporary basis.


The CC were troubled by A & B Council proposals in the paper “Empowering our Educators”  Louise Connor and Jennifer Crocket were invited to give a virtual presentation to the Community Council.  Kristin Gillies formalized our response stressing our unhappiness at the proposals.


The CC are seriously concerned with the state of the buildings at Dalintober Primary School.  A & B Council eventually provided a survey of the building. It was agreed to continue to lobby A & B Council requesting that they should start planning for a new primary school for the town, as this building is no longer fit for purpose.


Kintyre Recycling The Community Council (CC) were very disappointed that Argyll & Bute Council (A & B) had opted to terminate their contract with Kintyre Recycling Limited (KRL) for kerbside collection.  This despite the fact that it was more cost effective than the in-house option.  In addition, it put at risk 19 jobs at a time of high unemployment in the town and particularly when many of the workforce, who were happy in their work, have barriers to work that would make it difficult for them to find alternative employment.


Campbeltown Roads While the CC welcomed the resurfacing of High Askomil, Ralston Road and Glebe Street; they were very concerned about the state of other roads and pavements within the town.   Alan Baker surveyed the local roads and both A & B Council and Transport Scotland have been lobbied to make improvements, particularly at the Esplanade, Hall Street and Burnbank Street.  The junction of Burnbank Street with Kinloch Road is causing particular problems.




Although grateful tu receive a share of the Community Benefit provided by Scottish Power Renewables, Campbeltown CC are annoyed with the lack of concern for the local communities being shown by the wind farm companies, particularly that they are not following the Scottish Governments Guidelines on Good Practice.  Campbeltown CC would like it that planning permission would be dependent on companies providing Community Benefit.  Letters have ben written to the Scottish Government.


Priorities for 2022-23


Platinum Jubilee Tea Campbeltown CC are planning an “at home” afternoon tea for the elderly in the area.  This will be distributed to them on the afternoon of the Queen’s Jubilee.

Community Action Plan. Much work will be required to implement the priorities listed in the Action Plan.  Initially we are looking at restoring the path between the Trench Point and Slatyfarlan as well as a Cycle Route from Campbeltown to Machrihanish.


New Community Councilors required.




     Accounts have been audited thanks to Kate McKinlay.

     Main Account

Income                                   Expenditure               Balance in Bank

£44,427.37                              £8,922.67                    £35,504.70 (includes £24,982 for swing

and £1,008 for Town Centre Maintenance)

Quesada Account                                                      £510





Chair                                       V Nimmo                    proposed by AB seconded by AM

Vice chair                                A Martin                     “          “       CD “            “      VN

Treasurer                                 A Gallacher                 “          “       AB              “     CD

Minutes Secretary                  CA MacAulay                        “          “        VN            “     CD

Secretary                                 Vacant


It was agreed that new members of CC are required and VN will ask the HT at CGS if the new school captains could attend. Elections are being held in October and we will try to recruit new members.


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