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Campbeltown Community Windfarm Fund – SCO 50831

Minutes of Meeting

Tuesday 6th June 2023


Present :  John Armour, Alan Baker, Alasdair Cousin, Catherine Dobbie, Ann Gallacher, Catherine Anne MacAulay,  Valerie Nimmo and Anne Scott,

Apologies :    Archie Millar


Chair welcomed all to the meeting.


Minutes – The minutes of the previous meeting were found correct and proposed by Ann and seconded by John.


Treasurer’s report


Ann confirmed that the bank account balance is £50,282.59.   After payment to Anne Scott for the year 2022/23 of £500.00, Ann suggested that £49,000 be a guide as the maximum sum available for this round of applications.


Distribution of Funds


Before looking at individual cases, it was agreed that given the high volume of applications (32) and the fact that this year’s funding has not yet been received that the maximum award to be granted should be £2,000.00 instead of the usual £5,000.00.   This message should be conveyed to applicants with their decision letter.

We agreed the following:


  1. Campbeltown Pet Supplies – rejected as this does not fit the criteria;
  2. Highland Parish Badminton Club – accepted – pay in full £600.00;
  3. Susan McMillan for her Son, Ryan – accepted – pay £1,000.00 (dependent on Ryan’s placement at college in USA going ahead);
  4. Kintyre Pipe Band Association – accepted – pay £2,000.00
  5. West Kintyre Promotions CIC – accepted – pay in full £500.00
  6. Dalintober PTA – accepted – pay £1,250.00
  7. Stewarton Village Hall – rejected – more information about the project required along with quotations for the work involved;
  8. Campbeltown Lifeboat Station – accepted £1,000.00
  9. MOK Run Committee – accepted £2,000.00
  10. Kintyre Link Club – rejected (staff costs does not meet criteria)
  11. Monday Senior Citizens Social Club – accepted £1,000.00
  12. Dunaverty Hall, Southend – accepted £1,000.00
  13. Campbeltown Running Club – accepted £1,000.00

It was noted that the award in November 2022 to the Running Club for starting a park run has still not found a venue – to be monitored by the end of the 12 month period;

  1. Campbeltown Christmas Lights – accepted £2,000.00
  2. Lusanda Donnelly – rejected – does not meet criteria
  3. St Kiaran’s Episcopal Church – accepted £2,000.00 (payable when project ready to drawdown)
  4. Campbeltown Community Council – Radar speed sign – application deferred;
  5. Campbeltown Community Council – rejected – project on hold;
  6. Campbeltown Brass Band – accepted £2,000 (depending on other funding and if project goes ahead);
  7. Campbeltown Sea Cadets – accepted £1,500.00
  8. Campbeltown Sailing Club – accepted £2,000.00
  9. Keeping it local CIC – require End of Project return for June 2022 payment – accepted £1,500 towards cost of printer and internet
  10. Keeping it local CIC Preloved – require sight of accounts for Preloved;
  11. Norma Grogan – accepted pay in full £800.00
  12. Kintyre Amateur Swimming Club – accepted £2,000.00
  13. KADAS – require more information and a breakdown of costs and make aware staff costs do not meet criteria (£2,000.00 held aside)
  14. Kintyre Weigh – rejected – Wind Farm funds limited
  15. James McCorkindale Dancers – accepted pay in full £800.00
  16. Campbeltown & District Juv Football – accepted £2,000.00
  17. Kintyre Amenity Trust – accepted £2,000.00
  18. Kintyre Way – accepted £2,000.00
  19. Friends of Castlehill – £1,500.00


Total amount of payments agreed – £35,450 (includes £2,000 for KADAS)


Previous awards update


A discussion ensued that the applicants of the first grants made in June 2022 should be returning their End of Project return.   Five have been received so far so these have to be followed up.   Discussion about projects not going ahead for any reason should result in the return of monies within the 12 month period.   This is one of the terms of the acceptance letter.   There was a general concensus that these rules need to be adhered to and monitored.




A Zoom meeting to be arranged once an update is received on any applications where further information is requested.




Meeting closed