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Campbeltown Community Windfarm Fund  – SCO50831

Minutes of Meeting (to be approved)

Tuesday 18th July 2023


Present :  John Armour, Alan Baker, Alasdair Cousin, Catherine Dobbie, Catherine Anne MacAulay,  Archie Millar, Valerie Nimmo and Anne Scott

Apologies :   Ann Gallacher

Chair welcomed all to the Zoom meeting.

Minutes – The minutes of the previous meeting were found correct and proposed by Catherine Anne and seconded by John.

Treasurer’s report

In Ann’s absence, Valerie advised that the sum of £82,387.57 is due soon.   The total amount paid to Lussa wind is £252,162.73 and £5,000 is retained for administration purposes and the balance is paid to us later.


Valerie also mentioned making an amendment to the Accounts submitted to the charity regulator.   She changed the opening balance to show a zero balance before the funds being paid in on 11th April 2022.


Distribution of Funds – review of additional information


Anne confirmed that all payments have been made as agreed and the following were asked for additional information:


  1. Stewarton Village Hall

Two quotes for the proposed work have been sent to us by Annette McMillan.   One from Wee Toon Environmental Services £4,500  and Calum McKinven £6,687.30.   After discussion, it was agreed to award £1,800 (cost of materials on Wee Toon quote) but to make the condition that payment will only be made once all other funding is in place.


  1. Keeping it Local Preloved

Three bank statements and a spreadsheet showing income for the Feb, March, April and May 2023 have been received.   After discussion it was agreed that Anne should ask for a Profit and Loss statement for the period that the business has been trading (August 2022 to date).   Anne to explain to Jason that we require extra evidence as our funding distribution can be subject to audit.


  1. KADAS

Anne read out the email received from Nona Ruesgen giving the breakdown of the cost of the project, £25,000.   The email confirmed that the award would be used for the purchase of a laptop with software and anti virus, £500 along with the residential costs for an outdoor activity, £1500.   All were in agreement that the sum of £2,000 be awarded.



Update on End of Project Returns


Catherine was able to confirm that she has received all of the End of Project returns for the awards made in June 2022.   She will forward them to Valerie.   Catherine suggested that in future we add a requirement to the return that receipts should be submitted.   It was agreed that receipts should be provided for any expenditure over £1,000.00.   The End of Project return is to be amended to reflect this change.




Alan enquired as to the possibility of retaining 10% of the award for Campbeltown Community Council projects.   Valerie is aware that East Kintyre set aside funds at the moment.   Alan suggested that as an example, this could be used to help families with the cost of accommodation if a family member was admitted to hospital outside the area.


Valerie was able to confirm from page 12 of the Lussa SPR agreement that 60% of the award should be distributed each calendar year and 10% can be invested.


Alasdair enquired as to whether this retention would be instead of Campbeltown Community Council applying to the fund as at present.   Catherine suggested that if the Community Council were to have funds available, that would require another decision making committee and separate applications.   It was also noted that the Laggan and Southend Community Council could also ask for funds.   It was agreed that the Community Council would continue to apply to the Wind Farm Trust in the meantime.


Valerie will contact Lesley Black to check she is happy to continue as a Trustee.


Next meeting


Anne will pass on the additional information from Keeping it Local Preloved when available.


The advert for the next funding applications should be placed in Campbeltown Courier on 6th October with a closing date of 27th October.   We should meet on Monday 13th November to discuss the applications.




Meeting closed