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Minutes of Meeting

Monday 29th January 2024

Present :   Alan Baker, Alasdair Cousin, Catherine Anne MacAulay,  Archie Millar,

Valerie Nimmo (Chair) and Anne Scott

Apologies :   John Armour, Catherine Dobbie and Ann Gallacher

Chair welcomed all to our Zoom meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the extra information provided by Eric Spence to support the SKDT application for £3,370.00.   Following our last meeting we asked for more detail about the information to be gathered, whether it will include an Emergency Plan for Campbeltown and if an existing member of staff could be tasked with the creation of the leaflet.

 Discussion followed and all present felt that the example provided of a leaflet produced by the Callendar Resilience Group  would be a good model to use.   It was agreed that it would give people a starting point and might prompt members of the community to plan for any emergency.   All were happy to support the application in full.


There was no further business.

Meeting closed.