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Campbeltown Town Hall



V Nimmo (Chair) welcomed all present to the meeting

In Attendance


V Nimmo          CCC

E Glendinning   CCC

D Allen             CCC

C Dobbie          CCC

A Gallagher       CCC

A Baker             CCC

Cllr T Macpherson

F Macpherson   Secretary



J Martin            CCC

K Gillies            CCC

A Martin           CCC

I Mitchell          CCC


Declaration of Interest – None




Cllr J Armour had requested an amendment to information regarding removal of trees from Killypole: There is no set date for this work to commence but is likely to be sometime later this year. There being no objections to this change, E Glendinning proposed and A Gallagher seconded.




Martin Fraser attended the meeting to present a report (attached) that he had compiled expressing growing concerns about the shortage and efficacy of EV charging points within the town and surrounding communities. A general discussion about his contribution followed with input from Cllr Macpherson about his discussions on the matter with A&B Council. The only proposed sites currently are Gigha Ferry Terminal, Tayinloan and Carradale.


All were in agreement that action must be progressed and that before considering what local solutions might be appropriate, CCC would contact the relevant bodies within A&B Council to provide an updated version of their initial proposals and plan from November 2022 and then agree further actions as might be required. Fiona Macpherson to draft letter to the appropriate Directorates and local MSP and MP.




ROADS: The Council is undertaking a review of parking, Strategy and Transport Management with the town. This time round, they are engaging more with relevant groups. However, whatever the outcomes of the review are, its ongoing management will require support of police and wardens.


Complaints have been received from residents of Hall Street about speeding cars. Police Scotland will be carrying out monitoring and speed checks over the coming weeks.


Ferries:  Due to the ongoing CALMAC ferry issues, the proposed date for the Campbeltown service has been pushed back to June 1st. D Allen explained the difficulties in fixing dates due to the complexities of repairs and sourcing of parts globally. Also, the MV Albert is not ready to come online and will need to be tested for ramp compatibility at the different ports.


Environmental: The illegal dumping of builder’s waste opposite Putechan. The waste has now been removed by builders and the matter referred to A&B Council and SEPA.


Deterioration of White Hart Hotel. Cllr Macpherson has highlighted to the Council the escalating risk to adjoining properties and to the general public. There have been issues in the past with establishing ownership, but some progress has been made on this front by identifying named UK-based Directors so hopefully some progress can now be made.


Wind Farms: V.Nimmo and A.Baker had had a meeting with Craig Potter of EnergieKontor regarding Breackerie Wind Farm. The proposal now is to move from c20 to 13 towers, all at 200m. Existing forestry roads will be used but a new road will be need at Homeston where the towers will be brought in.


A new round of consultations will take place in June with t aim of putting in application in July. The intention is to pay into the local community fund. However, there are concerns about the possibility of A&B Council setting up a limited company to take all windfarm monies to be used across the whole constituency. Cllr Macpherson suggested raising this concern with Cllr Kelly and also to enquire about the road infrastructure across the Moss Road for the transport of the towers to the site.


Burnside Square: C Dobbie asked Cllr Macpherson about the surfacing and reinstatement of Burnside Square following the recent works, as it currently appears to be a blank page  with the Council apparently reviewing costs. Cllr Macpherson said he would raise this during his visit to Kilmory the following day.


  1. Treasurer’s Report


Main Account:  £12,015.10 (£5000 for SlatyFarlan Foot/cycle path)

Quesada Fund   £510

CCWT:              £49,937.19 + £484  = £50,421.19 




No representative from the local police being available to attend, a copy of the monthly Police Report is attached to these minutes.




  • V. Nimmo had received confirmation of 1 Top-Up Tap to be sited at Ferry Terminal. Unfortunately, no further taps are available.
  • Climate Action Towns Gathering to be held in Stirling alter in the year. V Nimmo has circulated info.
  • Feochaig Forestry .- V.Nimmo has circulated info.




The following progress was reported:

  • V. Nimmo awaiting approval for forms already submitted to Council for permissions
  • V.Nimmo to contact MOKRun Committee for copy of their Risk Assessment for Lorry
  • J Martin will provide lorry free, but Portaloos will have a charge
  • Coastguards will provide First Aid service
  • DJ (?)J McLean £80 charge , plus generator
  • Chairs for Bands and performers free from Town Hall. Transport TBA
  • Brass Band, Pipe Band and Taekwondo have confirmed. Awaiting response from J McCorkindale Dancers
  • Stalls – 5 confirmed and 2 declined so far
  • Races – J.Martin to provide ropes; races will be simple – running and possibly beanbags; c100 sweetie bags for prizes. E Glendinning to manage on day
  • Voluntary Fancy Dress to be encouraged but no formal competition
  • BYO picnic and no alcohol on site
  • Flagpole will be Risk Assessed on day by Harbourmaster
  • Bunting – George Rahman to be contacted
  • Marshalls@ vests to be borrowed from MOK/10k committees


Jubilee/Coronation path from Trench Point:

  • Patrick Stewart has had letter
  • Planning Application submitted to Council for resurfacing


  1. CCWF


Timetable for funding requests:  Notice in Courier for April 28th

Applications submitted by 19 May

CCWF Meeting on 6 June


AOB: Nothing within CCC remit


Next Meeting: Tuesday 9 May 2010 (also AGM)